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Order of Saint George North American Grand Commandery
Sends Medical Supplies to Refugees in Northern Iraq

Members of the Order Saint George have raised over $30,000.00 worth of medical supplies and humanitarian aid items that have been shipped for refugee aid in Northern Iraq. The Order has members who are trained and skilled former military medics on the ground currently administering medical care to civilians in refugee camps. Emergency medical supplies will be continued to be supplied in the future as part of the Order’s ongoing efforts.

International Peshmerga Volunteers is now
the Order of St. George - Relief Corps

Hello all, it is with great pleasure that we can announce the merger between International Peshmerga Volunteers and the Order of St. George.

The first contribution to this effort made by the Order is $30,000 worth of medical equipment which was received in #Kurdistan 2 days ago and is currently being distributed to Foreign Volunteer medics from the USA as well as units working from Telskuf in the North and Further to the west 1st Special Forces Unit, these supplies are tailored specifically for battlefield trauma and during this time of war we are extremely happy we are able to assist those who fight on the worlds behalf against a great evil.

The Order of St.George already donates and supports a number of Charites most notably the Green Beret Foundation and The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment, to view more of the causes which are supported please look towards the following link

IPV donation

IPV donation

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