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Membership of the International Knightly Order of St George is offered to ladies and gentlemen who are practising Trinitarian Christians (of any denomination) over the age of 21, of exemplary social and moral reputation, and living honourably.

An invitation to join the Order normally follows nomination by two serving members, or the personal invitation of the Grand Prior, his deputies, or the Commander of a Commandery. However, requests to join from individuals are also given due consideration. A successful membership application will have little to do with a person’s material success; rather it will be an acknowledgement of a person’s character and integrity.

Members of the International Knightly Order Valiant of St George have always made a difference in their world, and pursue traditions of excellence by compassion and supporting various works of charity.

Members are appointed as either Knights, Dames or Companions and invested with the insignia and mantle or as a Companion of the Order receiving the traditional hooded cloak by the Grand Prior or his delegate in a ceremony held in a consecrated place. Within the Order, the title Chevalier, Dame, or Companion and the postnominals KStG, DStG, or CStG are adopted upon investiture.

Further information can be obtained by contacting Hon. Col. the Chevalier Robert Soderstrom KCStG, Grand Commander of North America, at

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International Knightly Order Valiant of St. George: U.S. 501(c)3 and Registered Charity, England, 1137397.
An organization with Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic & Social Council since 2015.
The North American Grand Commandery is an official 501(C) 3 non-profit and recognized as a Public Charity in the USA.

To become a Knight of St George, one must be a Christian by faith.
The Order is not a political organization and does not engage in politics.
The Order recognizes the Constitution and statutes of the United States and of its several States as sovereign and temporally supreme public law.
The Order does not allow its members to act contrary to their obligations to their country.  The Order of St George. (also referred to as OStG) is not associated in any way with Freemasonry.