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Belize Encampment

Our Belize encampment, led by Chevalier Peter Nolan, is the Order’s first venture in Central America.

The provision of ambulances is very limited in Belize so the Order is looking to start a volunteer community ambulance service. Peter has received the support of the civic authorities for the project, and is now looking to raise the necessary funds and procure equipment – most importantly, of course, our first ambulances. In total, we are looking for just under $100,000, so this is a very major project for the Order.

Peter is specifically looking at a volunteer ambulance service for San Pedro on Ambergis Caye. This is the first part of a larger project that Peter has in mind, as the island has no medical clinic and Peter’s goal, after the establishment of an ambulance service, is to establish a minor emergency clinic for the community.

Several of our North American Grand Commandery members will assist with the Ambulance project including Doc Clinchy from our Florida Commandery. Doc has contacts for used ambulances that we will call upon and has agreed to train the ambulance volunteers as well.

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